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Marketing for (starting) art brothers and sisters

saskia de rooy

Next week I'll be in the USA again. The next phase of '(in)sight; a portrait project' will take off. Students of Carroll University in Wisconsin will make portraits of people that turn Carroll into the beautiful Carroll it is, in various techniques. And I'll be teaching all I know about portraits.

Now students do not remain students forever. Many of the art students will be artists. Surely I want these inpired new artists to make a head start into artistry without having to fall in all kinds of traps and troubles. That is why I made the 'What you need in order to bloom'; three sheets filled with tips & tricks for artists.

For as an artist, your work is your domain. You decide on what to make and what this will look like. You choose the path you have to go. For marketing this unique work you might be as commercial as possible. What you offer, your unique works of art, is fine. The trick is to gather people that feel the same way about what you make and will offer you the opportunity and means to live and thrive and make your work.

The 'What you need in order to bloom' contains the resume of all I have learned about marketing in these past years. Every sentence stands for stories, to do things and targets. It is a start. For if you want to make it as an artist you have to make good art (inspired, exciting, interesting, touching, etc. ) and you sell it in the best possible manner. Good luck!

PS with the button you get to the complete 'What you need...'

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