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Wilt u iets weten? Ik ben heel benieuwd! // Do you want to know something? I am very curious!

Bellen kan ook; +31(0)6423 501 94 of 020 6920011 // Calling is possible too; +31 (0)642350194 or +31206920011

Fijne dag gewenst! // Have a lovely day!

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art for life; sculpture that makes you wonder


Your portrait in two hours

saskia de rooy

I can start a portrait in varying ways. When someone is very limited in time I can make a start with it in half an hour, then I'll take pictures to work with those when continueing with it. When I think it is done, we'll make an appointment to check if it is done well. When we are both satisfied I'lll let the portrait dry to color and fire it.

If it is not possible for someone to be modeling I can work with pictures alone. This will take more time to get into this person's character and atmosphere and it is important there are enough and the right pictures. I can't tell how long this journey will take. In this case we will check if it is well done as well, before drying and coloring.

The latest possibility is to model for two hours. I'll finish the portrait in one time. These two hours are very intense, we are both totally concentrated and focused. We can talk and have fun but we are doing nothing else. After these two hours the portrait  itself is done. Then it has to dry and be colored. I do need pictures for this. Then the portrait will be fired and glazed and fired and Raku fired if that is your wish. Drying and firing will take about 6 weeks. If you are in a hurry it can be done in a month.

Any way you like it, we will get to know each other in quite a special way.

 Portrait of Frida Kahlo

Portrait of Frida Kahlo