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art for life; sculpture that makes you wonder


Living and dead stuff

saskia de rooy

For my aunt 60 years is not much. For a nice bowl sixty years is quite something but still not impressive. Not impressive in a way of value or worth. For my aunt 60 years is not an impressive number of years, even though she is very impressive, valuable and valued.

To be alive is so special, it brings the possibility to do things, make things, take action, move around, all kinds of possibilities dead things don't have. I can make a sculpture that will last hundreds of years. The sculpture can not make me though and I will not last for hundreds of years.

My sweet aunt will only be around for a little while. In a moment she won't be 'dead matter' even though she is dead. I will never remember her as a lifeless thing. I will remember her for her smile, her energy, her sparkling eyes, the love in her voice and the dreams she pursued. I will remember her by what made her heart beat.

The way we tend to measure our succes in life by the stuff we have gathered is actually really strange.

I cannot imagine my life without the living things around me. Without my beloved, without trees, without birds, without the cats that are nagging for food... Some lifeless things I definitely need. A house to live in, a computer to be connected to the world.

With death around the corner I've made a decision. I won't bother about things. I'll bother about life. 

 Without title (death) picture by Koos Baaij

Without title (death) picture by Koos Baaij