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Wilt u iets weten? Ik ben heel benieuwd! // Do you want to know something? I am very curious!

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Dorpsweg Ransdorp
Amsterdam, NH, 1028

art for life; sculpture that makes you wonder



saskia de rooy

Right now I am making a little book about being a sculptor. Elve, my daughter,  made an assignment that will be the text. I added a lot of works and a tiny text of my own and this will be a book for children and adults that are interested in art. With it I thought up a game. You can find the game here already. 

Art game

For two or more players

You both choose one piece of art that you like and one that you don’t like. You can pick out something from this book or whatever artwork happens to be around. Then taking turns you tell each other your opinion of the artwork and why you choose this one. You start with the one you did not like. Is it made in a nice way? Does it make you angry or sad, happy or content? Can you laugh about it or does it make you sing? Does it have pretty colours? Are you able to tell the technique? Do you consider it impressive or really easy?  And does that matter? Do the two of you always have the same opinion? Or do you sometimes like a sculpture the other person dislikes? Do you know why? Is that bad? Enjoy!

P.S.  You will see it is possible to disagree and it doesn’t matter! It could also bring you new ideas. Isn’t that fun?

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