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Dorpsweg Ransdorp
Amsterdam, NH, 1028

art for life; sculpture that makes you wonder


In a building-site trailer...

saskia de rooy

An enormus building trailer arrives at the campus center parkinglot on thursday. The guys that bring it over don't understand. They had it over there and now they want it over here...

We've been collecting all we need for the exhibition for a couple of days. All portraits, interviews, hooks, bits, the selfies that will be presented as cubes. Mirrors, chairs, tape. We've taken all this to the trailer and we've been marveling about the the amount of building-site energy this place has. Images of guys with construction specifications, floor plans and cracks in alternative places float by.

After some puzzeling and figuring we contrive a plan for the exhibition. All portraits, paintings as well as the sculptured masks get a provisory spot. The painted portriats are a little bigger, less in number and colorful are leading for now. We hang them first. Then all the sculpted portraits find their right spot (when making an exhibition you get works to reinforce one another). Underneath we level the texts.

Now the portraits have taken over, they're in charge. Great! The guys that fix the electricity for this pop up gallery have a lot of fun during their private preview of the exhibition. Yes, they'll come and yes, they'll bring friends!

Opening Monday 23rd of april, 4.30 until 6.30. If your in the opportunity please come!