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art for life; sculpture that makes you wonder



Do you fear getting robot like students that do know all about language an math but don't have a clue on feelings and how to interact with each other? Are you afraid your pupils don't develop empathy or the skill to view a situation from different angles? 

Art provides a firm base that is wider than only language and math. Your students will also think over what it is like to be a human being in this society and what art does in it. Why people have been making art for centuries and what its function is. For why is it people dress up? Why do they go to the hairdresser? Why do they have a well designed house with a painting in it? Why is it normal for a winner to receive a statue?  

Forming the lessons is always done together with you and your team. I love to make lessons that mix different disciplines, for example, sculpting, writing, interviewing, presenting. When we make portraits I'll introduce the lesson with art history and art appreciation. What do you like? Do you know why? Do you all agree on the beauty or ugliness of a certain sculpture? Is this a problem? Can your opinion change?

What kinds of portraits exist and what do they tell about the portrayed? About who made it? The time is was made in? And why do we make them in the first place?

Then we'll make the three dimensional portraits, in the materials that work well for your workshop. Sculptural aspects like composition, tension in form and texture will be appointed. Techniques will be chosen to fit the group taught. If the project is made for the entire school this might lead to varying lessons.

Finally we make the exhibition. How can we do this in the best possible manner? Who will we invite? When is the best moment for the show?

I can show one of your students how to use a simple program to make a book of the project so you'll have a good overview of the whole project left when it is gone. A nice memory but also a great keepsake to show people that want to know more about your school.

In the last years I have taught all kinds of groups in different schools, with age groups starting at 6 years to students at the Carroll University in the US. In 2019 I'll teach in Bjørkelangen Norway. At you find a huge project and can find out a lot of my motives (and the ones of many other participants).


'I am so favorably impressed with how you relate to our Carroll University students. Your kindness, playfulness, and artistic talent are a joy to behold.'

'Saskia- Thank you so much for coming to our class! My students enjoyed learning from you a lot!'