Do you want to buy a sculpture, have a portrait made or do you need a sculpture but you are not sure what exactly? Do you need a custom-made project? I would love to hear from you and will react asap, this is in most cases the next day.

Calling is fast (please think of the time zone, I am in Amsterdam, CET); +31 (0)642350194

Have a lovely day! Saskia


Wil je een beeld kopen, een portret laten maken of heb je een beeld nodig maar weet je niet precies wat? Wil je een op maat gemaakt project? Ik hoor het graag en reageer zo snel mogelijk, dat is meestal morgen al.

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Fijne dag gewenst! Saskia

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art for life; sculpture that makes you wonder

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Why a sculpture?

Sculptures affect, move, question. Because they are beautiful or hideous, because they make you feel at home or expelled, even if it needs resolving. Sculptures open up, take you inside to your feelings, show your home or an absence of it. A house is a place to feel at home from the world, art is the home for your heart.

Art can give hard or great moments in life a focus. A portrait of a child or a parent, a sculpture for a marriage or a funeral, a memory or the promise of a new era can get a center in the form of a sculpture, that I'll be honored to make for you.

My work is a reflection of everything a person can encounter during life. Immense joy, great pain, quiet, fear, hate, love; all of it is around.

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Pass Away

Pass Away

Outdoor Sculptures

Outdoor Sculptures

Small statues

Small statues

Made for you

Made for you


...Sas, yesterday we got the portrait of Bastiaan. So cool! So beautiful! Bastiaans' sister said it was spot on, really nice. Thank's a lot!...  

...'Saskia, you're the best, I almost cry.'...

...They have become really well! Many compliments, I am so glad to have them!...



I love to tell what I love about art in general and sculpture in particular. 

Philosophy; Art is like philosophy. It awakens you, poses questions , makes you wonder about this world, being here on the face of the earth. Do you have all you need but still feel a want? Is your life boring? Take a good look at a sculpture!Wonder about what it might be, what it whispers, what you feel watching it. We often tend to think reality consists of only one thing, but i this really so? Does this sculpture look open? Perhaps it is totally closed. Does it seem soft and shining? It might as well be razor sharp and slashing. Putting a new perspective; Art puts a new reality or possibility next to the one you know. It might lead you astray or confuse. It itches, hurts, feels uncomfortable or seems very unattractive. It van also be very soothing and enchanting. are what you see and what you feel consistent? Very often it is possible to approach your reality from different sides. The glass that is half empty is half full as well. By being aware of the other side of reality you'll find out new possibilities, new routes, new chances. This can be very redeeming or even necessary.  It can show new resolutions or show you a seemingly hopeless situation might have other options you primarily saw. 

Understanding; I make my work because I do not understand my life and everything happening in it all the time. Sometimes I feel trapped or very happy or sad. Then I search for the exact feeling by making a sculpture.

When I have made a good work it takes me by surprise as well. Then it will reveal new things all the time, just like a good work of art is supposed to do.

Feeling; Sculptures bring me joy, amazement and imagination. They make me feel what it means to be a human being, in anger and sadness but also in happiness or even timidity.

Connecting; Sometimes I'm in a museum and I see a bracelet or a bowl of some thousand years of age and I see the hand of the person making it in my mind, forming the object. I love this experience! I am just a human being. So many people before me have lived their lives, surely I can do the same. 

Beauty, awakening tactical senses; Another thing I love of sculptures is they make me want to touch them when I like them a lot. Having a spacial object in front of me with an amazing form unleashes a physical emotion. Perhaps you share this sensitivity. 

I wish you lots of joy and confusion watching my work!