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Wilt u iets weten? Ik ben heel benieuwd! // Do you want to know something? I am very curious!

Bellen kan ook; +31(0)6423 501 94 of 020 6920011 // Calling is possible too; +31 (0)642350194 or +31206920011

Fijne dag gewenst! // Have a lovely day!

Dorpsweg Ransdorp
Amsterdam, NH, 1028

art for life; sculpture that makes you wonder

Terms & Conditions


To have a portrait made takes about 2 months. First I make the start, then I work further with pictures. When I think it is nearly there you come to have a look. When we are both confident it is well done I let it dry. Then I'll color and fire it, 2 to 3 times, depending on how you like it. I keep you informed on how things are. When it is finished you can come and pick it up or I'll send it to you, well wrapped and with a track and trace code. Then you'll have it at home and you'll start enjoying it for the coming years!


Shipping Info

If you want your sculpture to be sent as soon as it's ready,  once shipped, you''ll receive an email with a track and trace code. I will follow the package as well and, when it has arrived, you pay the postage fee, the same sum I payed the postagefirm.


Due to the immense temperature shock the clay gets at the raku-firing, quite deep cracks might appear. Sometimes they do go all the way. These might be glued with white woodglue (the one that dries up transparent). These cracks are part of this work. To keep some cracks from breaking, I might glue them on forehand with a transparent glue, if it can be done 'invisibly'.