Do you want to buy a sculpture, have a portrait made or do you need a sculpture but you are not sure what exactly? Do you need a custom-made project? I would love to hear from you and will react asap, this is in most cases the next day.

Calling is fast (please think of the time zone, I am in Amsterdam, CET); +31 (0)642350194

Have a lovely day! Saskia


Wil je een beeld kopen, een portret laten maken of heb je een beeld nodig maar weet je niet precies wat? Wil je een op maat gemaakt project? Ik hoor het graag en reageer zo snel mogelijk, dat is meestal morgen al.

Bellen gaat snel; +31(0)6423 501 94

Fijne dag gewenst! Saskia

Dorpsweg Ransdorp
Amsterdam, NH, 1028

art for life; sculpture that makes you wonder

Frequently Asked Questions

-Is it possible to have a portrait made from only pictures? Yes, this is possible but it takes a longer time. I need to dive in deeper and I need your feedback to get the expression just right.

-How long does modeling take? That depends. For kids half a hour will do for the start, then I'll take a lot of pictures and work further with them. For grown-ups I make a start in an hour, then some pictures (about 5 of them) or a start in 2 hours to make pictures after that and work further in my studio. 

-What will happen with the pictures when the portrait is finished? You can have them and if you want me to I'll delete the ones I have. If I want to make a picture to compare the person with the portrait (proof that I'll make a portrait look like the portrayed person) I'll ask your permission.

-How can I be sure I'll be happy with the portrait? When I think I've finished we make an appointment and you will have a look at the portrait at that stage. If something is still wrong I'll change it and I only let it dry when we're both confident it is well done. After that I can do all the other steps it needs to finish.

-Can it be the portrait of my pet? Yes, that is possible. I have been making different types of dogs and a cat and even one of a favorite cow! 

-Will things arrive when you send them over? I wrap the sculptures up safe enough 'for an elephant to sit on it'. Not totally true of course, but I do expect the package to be thrown around, or dropped, that is counted for. So after a first layer of bubble wrap  there is always a firm layer of foam so the sculpture lays tight. In case it does go wrong it is always insured and we will make up another solution. So far, having sent work to a.o. Japan, Mexico, the US, France, Poland, Britain, Spain and within the Netherlands, nothing has gone wrong.

-Is the work worth the investment? You should always buy a work of art because you love it, it amazes you, touches, moves you. Buying my work should not be an exception on this rule. Saying this I am working on my international advance and works are bought by art collectors from allover the globe. You buy straight from me at first cost. It won't fall in value, rather increase.

-What's the price of a sculpture? Small figurative sculptures are between 300 and 1000 euro. Masks (a face with a small part of the head) will be between 300 and 3000 euro. Busts are between 1200 and 6000 euro. Very small sculptures are often cheaper, as are made up portraits. Bronzes will be between 800 and 2400 euro. Installational works start at 2000 euro.

-How do you figure out the price? That depends on the sculpture. Is it large, is it small, what kind of material do I use, how long did it take. But also if it is a 'well done' sculpture and if it is relevant to the current time. Who is portrayed. When you give an assignment, we fix a price. When I make your portrait after asking you to model for me, this might get a higher price. When works are exhibited in a gallery the commission is usually 50%, sometimes more, sometimes less. This will influence the price.